Sunday, August 9, 2015

I Like Big Blogs and I Can Not Lie

"Oh my gosh, Becky. Look at her blog!"

Hey there! I am so excited to start this new blogging adventure. Grab your sweet tea, take a seat, and stay for a while. Let's get to know each other!

As for me, I am about to start my eighth year of teaching. I have taught in general and special education classrooms in various grades in elementary and middle school. This year, I have a special education position working with students in kindergarten, first, fourth, and fifth grades. I get the best of both worlds this year: the sweet babies and the independent older kids! My favorite part of teaching is when my kiddos are struggling to learn a concept and then suddenly have an "a-ha" moment. The excitement they feel when they start to understand is infectious! I believe in celebrating all of their accomplishments, no matter how small.

When I am not teaching, I spend time with my amazing family and friends. I am so blessed to be able to surround myself with such positive, loving people! I am also the proud parent of two pugs (a.k.a. my furbabies), Iggy and Bailey. Pugs are known for being silly and very playful, and these crazy pups are no exception. They make me laugh every day! Besides spending time with my family, friends, and furbabies, I enjoy reading, Netflix marathoning, and singing loudly (and often out of tune) in the car. I also love the creativity of the planner gals out there and try to make my planners (plural- yes, I may have a planner addiction) colorful and pretty. Finally, I enjoy making my students fun and engaging learning activities, many of which can be found on my Teachers Pay Teachers page.

Thanks for taking time to share this journey with me! To celebrate my new blog, my TpT store will be on sale through Tuesday. YAY!

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